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THIRA ROBOTICS designs the only second-generation units on the market that navigate tough floors and on-site challenges.
The first generation of AMRs was created for AGV environments - factories, and warehouses. These newly-built facilities were process-oriented, structured, largely empty, had perfect floors, and primarily populated by equipment and production lines.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have perfect floor conditions. In most cases moving loads and goods is not confined to a controlled factory or warehouse environment. Environments with dirty, oily, wet, cracked, uneven, and bumpy floors as well as with human traffic, narrow spaces, or elevators in the building could not successfully implement AMRs. Such businesses had really no AMR solution for their logistics needs.  

That’s where THIRA robots shine: they are a second-generation AMR designer and manufacturer. They believe that finding hidden, unmet needs based on our customers' ideas and creating products that satisfy them is the “key to success” for AMR products to expand successfully in the world.
Anti-Slip: Stable driving is possible even in slippery places with contaminants such as puddles of water and oil spills.

Uneven Surface Driving: Transport on uneven surfaces, bumps and up 10-degree inclines.

Taking Elevators: Automatic multi-level travel via elevators.
Low Clearances: Overcomes need to retrograde carts due to lifting capability at less than 190mm of ground clearance.
High Human Traffic Zones: Advanced, triple safety system enables smooth collaboration with workers and around patrons in various settings. 
Indoor / Outdoor Transport: Navigation between multiple facility zones. 
24/7 Production: Round the clock production enabled leveraging fleet management system (FMS) for assignments of multiple units at one.