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SVT Robotics empowers supply chain IT teams to integrate, monitor and scale automation with the tech-agnostic SOFTBOT® Platform. This reduces custom development and support by providing a standard way for technologies to communicate—without asking anyone to change. SVT also serves as a single pane of glass, providing enhanced system visibility, simplified troubleshooting, minimized downtime, and access to aggregated supply chain data.

The SOFTBOT Platform Difference


Fast integrations. Less risk. No all-nighters.

  • The SOFTBOT Platform removes long and expensive timelines from automation deployments. Robots and automation tech easily connect to pre-built apps to rapidly create fully integrated solutions that can immediately impact ROI, while mitigating risk. And your IT team can get a good night’s sleep.

Speaks the right language, no matter the tech.

  • As a technology-agnostic resource, the SOFTBOT Platform allows disparate automation to communicate and work together in concert. The platform works with just about everything – some may say it’s multilingual. 

Achieve fast implementations, with less frustration.

  • The SOFTBOT Platform uses pre-built apps to significantly improve speed to market, deploying automation in just hours or days (yes! you read that correctly). The only four-letter word you’ll use when implementing your tech will be – FAST.

Deploy today, grow tomorrow.

  • Market acceleration requiring faster, more efficient operations is daunting. The SOFTBOT Platform rapidly adapts to changing manufacturing or online fulfillment processes, so you can deploy a smaller pilot or large fleet workflow. The software’s flexibility meets your needs today and in the future (Crystal ball not included).